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Export & Import from India


EXIMERA provides a selection of the finest rice, cultivated to ensure texture, flavor, and purity. Perfect for a wide range of dishes, our rice varieties are processed carefully, preserving their nutritional value and taste.

Choose EXIMERA for top-quality rice that complements any meal, satisfying customers and culinary professionals. We export rice to various countries in the world. 

Want to Import Rice from India?

Are you seeking the finest quality rice for your culinary ventures or business needs? EXIMERA offers a diverse range of premium rice varieties from the world’s finest origins.

Sourced from the Finest Origins:

We take immense pride in our sourcing process, ensuring we carefully cultivate and harvest each grain to maintain its superior taste and nutritional value. We bring you the best nature offers, from the aromatic basmati rice fields of India to the lush jasmine paddies of Thailand.

Rice Varieties We Offer:

– Basmati Rice from India (Premium Aged Varieties)
– Thai Jasmine Rice (100% Natural Long-Grain) 
– Italian Arborio Rice (Ideal for Risottos)
– Japanese Sushi Rice (Short-Grain Variety)
– Wild Rice from North America (High in Protein and Fiber)

Why Choose EXIMERA Rice?

Authentic Flavors: Our rice is cultivated in its native regions, ensuring you get the true taste and aroma of each variety.
Stringent Quality Checks: Every batch undergoes rigorous testing to guarantee purity, freshness, and adherence to our high standards.
Non-GMO and Nutritious: Our entire range is non-GMO and rich in essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants for a healthier option.
Consistent Supply: With distribution networks across Brazil, Thailand, India, Italy, and Japan, we ensure a steady supply for households and businesses alike.
Versatile Applications: Our rice varieties cater to diverse culinary needs, from fragrant basmati dishes to creamy risottos and delectable sushi rolls.

Globally for Your Convenience

No matter where you are located, EXIMERA can deliver premium rice varieties right to your doorstep. We prioritize swift logistics and secure packaging to maintain the highest product quality.
Elevate your rice game today! Contact us to discuss your requirements, and let EXIMERA become your trusted partner for exceptional rice varieties.

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