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We Export Quality Products from India to the World.

Pioneering Global Trade with Precision and Integrity

Exim Era - Export Services from India

At EXIMERA, we stand as your premier partner in bridging local markets with global opportunities. 

Founded on the principles of integrity, quality, and reliability, we have grown from a passionate start-up into a formidable force in international trade. 

Our expertise spans across exporting essential goods including Activated Carbon, Human Hair, Spices, Hotel Supplies, and Rice, reaching markets from the USA to Vietnam.

From Local Beginnings to Global Impact

Relationships and expertise to build trust

Empowering Economies, Enhancing Lives


Research & Selection of Hight Quality Product

Research & select top-tier products with precision. Quality matters. Choose wisely for lasting satisfaction.



Freight Consolidation & Trip Optimization

Efficiently consolidate freight for optimized trips. Streamline logistics for maximum efficiency.


Different Goods, One Shipment

Combine diverse goods into one shipment for streamlined logistics and cost-effective transportation.



Final Quality Control Check Before Shipping

Ensure top-notch quality with a final pre-shipping inspection. Guarantee excellence every step of the way.

Excellence in Every Exchange

Upholding Global Standards

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Monthly Delivery

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Global Clients

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Sustainability at Our Core

Dedicated to responsible sourcing and environmental stewardship, EXIMERA embraces practices that protect our planet and ensure community well-being.


7K Ratings


Brand Promise

Your Trusted Global Trade Partner

Customer Centricity

Tailored Solutions, Transparent Services

Innovation in Trade

Pioneering New Paths in Commerce

Our Values

Core Values That Define Our Actions

10 years of expertise and deep knowledge. Trust experience for unparalleled insight and results.


We operate in honesty and fairness, building trust with partners and clients alike.


We pursue the highest standards in every product category, ensuring superior offerings.


We continuously seek to improve and innovate, ensuring we stay ahead in the competitive global market.


We are committed to practices that are not only good for business but also beneficial for the planet and its people.

We Have Spesical Offer

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Logistic and Shipping Elementor Template Kit

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